Welcome to my blog. I hope that these words of encouragement will assist you in some small way in the greatest task of your life; the raising of your children. School and education take up a major part of the lives of children. As a parent of five children ranging in age from thirty-six to six, as a grandfather and as an educator for thirty seven years I have had the joy and privilege of spending a lot of time with my own children and with the children of other people. This, along with working as a teacher, as an adviser to teachers and as a self employed educator, has given me the opportunity and time to think about education and learning and how to motivate children to learn.

I have often wondered why it is that babies and very young children embrace learning and development with a natural joy and exuberance and so many older children are turned off by learning, or at least by learning what the society requires them to learn. As educators and parents, we tend to put the blame for our anxiety about their apparent negativity on our children. I believe that instead of asking what is wrong with the children we should be asking what is wrong with us and what we can do about their anxiety.

 Kids soon learn that education is not always about learning, but that it is a competitive sorting and grading process. A process of elimination. They change from being the active participants of learning that they were as little ones to be unwilling, passive recipients of learning. Children may feel that they lose control of their learning and have it imposed on them. The preoccupation can be with right and wrong. A black and white approach to life and too often the emphasis can be is on what is wrong. The world is in actual fact an ambiguous place.

 I honestly believe that every child is born a genius. That every child is gifted in some way. No child should ever be given any reason to doubt his or her self worth or ability to achieve.

I am new to blogging so I will work it out as I go along. What I am going to do, initially is to post stuff more or less randomly and see how it goes.